Sunday, October 28, 2007

Recent News in No Order of Importance at all

Greetings all, I have been asked for some updates on current things - most notably updates on Farmer Geb's escapades in farming (Are the cows home? Is the tractor out of the bog?) - so I thought I'd put together a post for those I don't see or talk to often enough to make sure everyone's up-to-date on the latest things.

Farmer Geb and the Boys

Well, I am sad to say that the cows have gone out on their last, long truck ride to the auction. However they made the most of their last week on the farm by managing to escape once again and send Farmer Geb out searching for them in the truck. And again they ended up back at Lester's with all their friends, so at least they had a good visit with all their buddies before they all went to the big auction house.

Farmer Geb's feelings on the cows going away: "Good riddance! They cost me time and money for gas driving all over looking for them..... got my tractor stuck..... hurt my farmer pride..... I've ordered a truckload of hamburger buns!"

He's threatening to make "meatloaf surprise" for Christmas dinner instead of turkey. I suggested we could have a "tofurkey" instead so that we aren't in danger of eating anyone we may have known.

Not So Home-on-the-Range

I'm going to have to start referring to Farmer Geb as plain ol' "Dad" again as he and Kathy are moving to Rosthern as Kathy got a new job with Yanke Properties in Saskatoon and it's just too much for her to be driving two hours each way to work every day. They bought a house in Rosthern last year as an investment property/possible other house in case Kathy kept working with the other company in 'Toon, so now they're painting and getting it in shape for moving in next month. So my first Saskatchewan Christmas will not be on the farm, but there's still 5 bedrooms and Dad still has a quarter acre to justify keeping the ride-on mower, but no room for cows. I'm also curious how he's going to get his "free" Christmas tree this year.

Thesis (yes it's still there!)

I'm waiting to find out if I am going to be shortlisted for a fellowship offered by the IMPART program. Their program coordinator has emailed me several times to ensure that all my required documents for the application package are received on time, even saying that my references can email their letters directly as long as they send hard copies to follow up. The fellowship is worth $18,000 at the MA level and you can either do your own research project (such as my thesis project) or they can get you onto a project if you don't have one already. They also provide you with training in an area of the field of women's and girls' addictions issues, whether that's in policy, one-on-one work, or anything you think you need more training about. I indicated that I would like greater training on drug and alcohol counselling in order to work more effectively with females who are entering or maintaining their recovery as well as how to recognize addiction and withdrawal symptoms of our popular street drugs.

The committee meets on Tuesday, so fingers crossed that I have everything in on time.

The Yarn Stash

It's growing. I know it is, and I'm enabling it. Part of it is not my fault since I have yarn to make the slippers that my mom needs for Christmas presents for the grandkids and for my other friends. Okay yes, I have a lot of yarn that I've bought just for me, but it's not a given that I'm keeping everything I make out of it. Yes, I like yarn, it's more that I want to work with the yarn than just make more things for myself. It's the process as opposed to the end result.

However I'm obsessed with knitting fingerless gloves right now, in various designs and using different stitch patterns. I've made three pairs in a cable stitch and quite like them, one pair in a lace pattern for my sister-in-law, and currently have another pair in a tencel yarn using a faux-cable pattern called a Spiral Column. I'm also in love with the new cowl-style shawls that I've seen on Etsy by a couple of sellers and am making one for myself to see how I like making them. There's no fancy stitches or lace patterns, the shapes themselves are easy, it comes down to choosing your yarn and using a large enough needle to knit them up quickly.

I'm also waiting patiently for my Ravelry invite. I signed up at the beginning of the month and at the time there were over 10,000 people ahead of me. Today there are just over 4,000 people ahead of me. Why do you have to wait to be invited to Ravelry? Because the site is still in beta and under construction and they don't want to let it go live and let people suffer through de-bugging. If you're a crafter and are looking for something a little less teeny-bopper-ish than Facebook, sign up for an invite and take the video tour; this site is going to be AMAZING.

That's about all I have for today, I need to get back to laundry, my lit review reading list, and my stash. Will send out more info after I hear back from the IMPART people. Fingers crossed for me!!

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