Tuesday, June 05, 2012

On Safari

My dad is wearing a hat that looks like a pith helmet from the Boer War.

We may safari to the East India Trading Company outpost later for kerosene and hardtack. 

Monday, June 04, 2012

My Near- Death Experience on a Ride-On Mower

Okay I'm slightly exaggerating. But I did almost crash it.

I had to go out and help my dad today, one of his ride-on mowers (yes, he has two) broke a belt and it was stuck out in the front pasture near the road. He needed me to steer it as he towed it back to the workshop. Then we realized it was kind of fun, so he says, "You wanna do a loop around the yard?"

Well, DUH.

It WAS fun... until we came to the down slope and I forgot where exactly the brake for the mower was. So I cut the wheel and narrowly missed the right corner of the rear bumper, and the tow rope got wrapped around the left front mower wheel axle. So he still had to tow me back to the workshop, but it was more like lurching and dragging. But still kind of fun.
What can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What do you get when you bake a 20-year-old coffee cake mix?


Looks good on the box, right? Yeah, until you find the "mail away for a cookbook" form inside with the offer expiry date of June 30, 1990. I should have realized there that this was probably a bad idea.

But someone has to try it FOR SCIENCE so it's me.

Mmmm... just like Mom used to make! If she put turds on it! That's not caramel sauce, I discover later, those are the cinnamon apples for the topping! Even better!!!

Appetizing, no? It will be in ALL the Starbucks locations next holiday season!

The iPhone camera couldn't focus on it properly. This may be a blessing for you all. Be sure to compare this image with the first image from the box above. Notice how NOT risen it is.

Oh come on, you know you want a bite!!

Don't make that face, it can't be that bad!


The verdict is... it tastes like someone baked it 20 years ago and left it in the cupboard. I guess that's about all one can hope for from a flat, non-rising cake mix with questionable-looking "apples" as a topping. The brown sugar part of the streusel topping was good though.

Beentsy was right, I shoulda used it as a dog frisbee.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's coming...

Can you smell it out there? Fall is coming.

The wind has a chill to it this evening, and night is already upon us. Darkness is coming quicker and quicker, the days aren't as warm and when they do warm up it doesn't last as long.

You know what that means? Sweaters!!!

This makes me very happy; I've just frogged my Heather Hoodie Vest that I knit last fall because it was too big and am going to re-knit it in a smaller size. Nice when you can say that, right? It'll still be in the same Patons' Shetland Chunky Tweed in brown, but I have to wash the yarn to straighten it out and wind it all again.

And scarves... it's time to find all my scarves and shawls, perhaps a new shawl pin - a girl needs a new accessory for fall, right? - and start thinking about fingerless gloves.

Ah fall. Soon I'll be wearing handknit socks in the oh-so-cute maryjanes that just came in the post courtesy of Beyond the Rack. Hm, I wonder if I'll be able to wear a cute beret this weekend? Can't get one's head get cold!

The only sad part? My watermelon plant and my eggplants have not quite fruited yet. The watermelon vine has a few miniscule watermelons on it and the eggplants are still just leaves. Perhaps it's good that I bought new shoes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to Saskatchewan - in Brief

Here's the breakdown with some elaboration. I was going to make a larger post out of these rough points, but I'm not so inclined anymore as I'm leaving tomorrow and have one more post to come after this one.

Travel from Abbotsford to Calgary, 2hr45min layover - Nothing really at the $20 or Less store, a belt that didn't fit and a purse that didn't come in the colour I wanted. Oh well, maybe tomorrow there will be something new. Otherwise, I got an iced tea lemonade from Starbucks and a bagel with cream cheese at Timmy's, then enjoyed the free 2 hours of wifi at the Calgary Airport. Damn right it should be free, last time I used the wifi in Calgary I had to buy a subscription!

Calgary to Saskatoon; WestJet Winglet Wednesday photo, whole seat row to myself - This was one of the best flights ever because I had all the seats to myself. I got to put my carryon bag under the next seat, I put my magazine and iPod on the seat beside me, and I put the arm rest up. I also snapped my Winglet Wednesday photo that I will upload to Twitter (follow @WestJet and your photo might get re-tweeted!) tomorrow while I'm in Calgary airport again.

Quickest exit from Diefenbaker Airport EVER - this was truly amazing. Dad & Kathy met me at the airport, getting in just minutes before I came through the terminal, and then my bags were among the first off the carousel! We were out of the airport within 15 minutes of me landing! That just goes along with having the whole row of seats to myself making it one of my best flights ever. Let's hope tomorrow's trip goes as smoothly!

Gas stop in Blaine Lake; free laying hens – 21 not 2! - So because the drive from Saskatoon airport to Canwood is roughly two hours, we often have to stop for gas halfway, which is anywhere from Blaine Lake south of the Petrofka Bridge to Marcelin or Leask, which are around 45 minutes from Canwood. So we stop at the gas station in Blaine Lake and Dad is perusing the notices on the bulletin board outside when we all spot the same one at the same time: "Free 2 laying hens" and a phone number. So Dad goes up and snags the page, when I say to Kathy, "Oh my gosh, that doesn't say 2 hens, it says 21!" Dad comes out after paying for gas and exclaims his excitement that it's actually 21 hens rather than just 2, thinking this is an amazing bargain. Meanwhile I'm picturing my father driving back to the farm with 21 hens inside the cab of the truck, all clucking at him for one reason or another. I know he wouldn't have them in the cab of the truck, but still, the image is amusing. More on chickens in the next post.

60 pounds of peaches awaiting me - I was informed the day before I flew out here that there was fruit to be canned and due to Kathy's Parkinson's she needs a hand with some of it. No problem, how much is there? Yes, 60 pounds of peaches, and about 20 pounds of nectarines. Kathy and I bottled roughly 20 pint jars of peaches and nectarines. But it was fun, it went smoothly.

Gorgeous 14 degrees Celsius & some clouds; this is the first I’ve worn socks and a sweater in WEEKS! - Considering I left home after a stretch of 30+ degree weather, I'm thrilled to experience a chill that doesn't come from standing in the refrigerator door.

Satellite TV means 300 channels and nothing’s on - Sometimes there really is only Jerry and Maury on. Glad I don't pay for a satellite dish at home!

That's all for this one, I have another post coming in a little while, Dad wants some help with his kohlrabi salad.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I never thought this would happen...

I've always joked that because my cat - Lucy - is largely an indoor cat, she likely wouldn't have any idea what to do with a mouse if she caught one.

Well, Lucy has answered that question tonight, she GOT one!

It's even a little black mouse, caught by my fat black cat. She didn't seem too concerned that I was picking it up and putting it in a plastic bag to go out to the garbage, she looked kind of disappointed that it wasn't playing anymore.

She's gone back outside, I wonder if there will be another trophy at the back door soon?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Your Local Neighbourhood Criminologist

Attention people in my neighbourhood:

If you do something stupid like have a loud, rowdy party with drunk people arguing, throwing bottles down the street, or just some drunk broad yelling like she's on a bull at a rodeo: I WILL CALL THE COPS AND REPORT YOU.

You all know I'm a criminologist and was hit by a drunk driver, so don't look surprised when the squad car pulls up.