Monday, August 09, 2010

I never thought this would happen...

I've always joked that because my cat - Lucy - is largely an indoor cat, she likely wouldn't have any idea what to do with a mouse if she caught one.

Well, Lucy has answered that question tonight, she GOT one!

It's even a little black mouse, caught by my fat black cat. She didn't seem too concerned that I was picking it up and putting it in a plastic bag to go out to the garbage, she looked kind of disappointed that it wasn't playing anymore.

She's gone back outside, I wonder if there will be another trophy at the back door soon?


Howie said...

Lucy and the mouse must have had a fun playtime together! That mouse looks exhausted, taking a nap like that. So cute! But why did you put the mouse in the garbage? Is that where he lives?

Anonymous said...

Hello from New Zealand! ;) Glad to see you back to blogging! I've missed your updates and your rants at people who will never know you rant at them. :) *hug* yay for Lucy the Mouse Catcher!! Maybe she's aspiring to "Stupid's" feat of bringing home a live duck?

I have a new blog too...and a new online name, as you can see.