Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to Saskatchewan - in Brief

Here's the breakdown with some elaboration. I was going to make a larger post out of these rough points, but I'm not so inclined anymore as I'm leaving tomorrow and have one more post to come after this one.

Travel from Abbotsford to Calgary, 2hr45min layover - Nothing really at the $20 or Less store, a belt that didn't fit and a purse that didn't come in the colour I wanted. Oh well, maybe tomorrow there will be something new. Otherwise, I got an iced tea lemonade from Starbucks and a bagel with cream cheese at Timmy's, then enjoyed the free 2 hours of wifi at the Calgary Airport. Damn right it should be free, last time I used the wifi in Calgary I had to buy a subscription!

Calgary to Saskatoon; WestJet Winglet Wednesday photo, whole seat row to myself - This was one of the best flights ever because I had all the seats to myself. I got to put my carryon bag under the next seat, I put my magazine and iPod on the seat beside me, and I put the arm rest up. I also snapped my Winglet Wednesday photo that I will upload to Twitter (follow @WestJet and your photo might get re-tweeted!) tomorrow while I'm in Calgary airport again.

Quickest exit from Diefenbaker Airport EVER - this was truly amazing. Dad & Kathy met me at the airport, getting in just minutes before I came through the terminal, and then my bags were among the first off the carousel! We were out of the airport within 15 minutes of me landing! That just goes along with having the whole row of seats to myself making it one of my best flights ever. Let's hope tomorrow's trip goes as smoothly!

Gas stop in Blaine Lake; free laying hens – 21 not 2! - So because the drive from Saskatoon airport to Canwood is roughly two hours, we often have to stop for gas halfway, which is anywhere from Blaine Lake south of the Petrofka Bridge to Marcelin or Leask, which are around 45 minutes from Canwood. So we stop at the gas station in Blaine Lake and Dad is perusing the notices on the bulletin board outside when we all spot the same one at the same time: "Free 2 laying hens" and a phone number. So Dad goes up and snags the page, when I say to Kathy, "Oh my gosh, that doesn't say 2 hens, it says 21!" Dad comes out after paying for gas and exclaims his excitement that it's actually 21 hens rather than just 2, thinking this is an amazing bargain. Meanwhile I'm picturing my father driving back to the farm with 21 hens inside the cab of the truck, all clucking at him for one reason or another. I know he wouldn't have them in the cab of the truck, but still, the image is amusing. More on chickens in the next post.

60 pounds of peaches awaiting me - I was informed the day before I flew out here that there was fruit to be canned and due to Kathy's Parkinson's she needs a hand with some of it. No problem, how much is there? Yes, 60 pounds of peaches, and about 20 pounds of nectarines. Kathy and I bottled roughly 20 pint jars of peaches and nectarines. But it was fun, it went smoothly.

Gorgeous 14 degrees Celsius & some clouds; this is the first I’ve worn socks and a sweater in WEEKS! - Considering I left home after a stretch of 30+ degree weather, I'm thrilled to experience a chill that doesn't come from standing in the refrigerator door.

Satellite TV means 300 channels and nothing’s on - Sometimes there really is only Jerry and Maury on. Glad I don't pay for a satellite dish at home!

That's all for this one, I have another post coming in a little while, Dad wants some help with his kohlrabi salad.

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