Sunday, September 23, 2007

News from Away

Farmer Geb reports that the tractor has been retrieved from the bog and is safe at home in his backyard. That'll teach him to try to use farm equipment to rustle his own cattle.

Kathy has a new job with Yanke property management doing commercial properties out of Saskatoon so they will be moving to the house in Rosthern (about a half hour outside of 'Toon) in November. This means that I won't be spending Christmas at the farmhouse, but the Rosthern house is still huge, a two-storey plus basement on a quarter-acre lot big enough so Dad can keep his ride-on mower, but not big enough for Dad to keep Chuck, Winston, and Ralphie.

I asked Dad today what happens with the cows since they're moving in November, and he said that they'll all be going to auction. Actually, the answer I got was "Burgerfest!" but after some discussion we agreed that we would not want to sit down for dinner and have "roast Ralphie," we'd rather have anonymous beef than remember the face it came from. Turkeys, however, are a different matter since a) turkeys are stupid and b) they're mean bastards.

This also means that Dad's Christmas-tree expedition will be drastically different. I don't imagine it'll go over very well to be driving through the suburbs to cut down a Christmas tree out of someone's yard, they're more likely to see us and call the police.

But Christmas will be a new adventure... new house, lots of bedrooms (apparently I get to decorate the one I'll be staying in), and something new for Dad..... neighbours.

This should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for your dad's poor neighbours. :nod