Thursday, September 06, 2007

Home Sweet Home.....?

I am home. Back in my own house, my own bed, and my own cat. The parentals have gone on their holidays up to the Kelowna area and taken the dog - happy cat!! - as well as several other household items.

Now don't get me wrong, I am perfectly capable of going to the store to pick up milk and bread - I like skim & soy milk and multigrain bread anyhow - and anything else I may want or need. The odd part came about when I read on their note that they packed the dishwashing soap from upstairs but that there was more in the cupboard in the garage.

Oh sure, a six-litre refill bottle from Costco. Ever try to get one little drip of soap out so you can wash one coffee mug from a six-litre bottle? Not so handy.

I didn't even have a little squirt bottle in which to pour some of that six litres into! So I bought dishwashing liquid. But then the question becomes which brand to buy? Palmolive is on sale but comes in overly-fruity scents of orange, pear-violet (as far as I know violets don't have a scent), and the ubiquitous "you're-soaking-in-it" original green. Method the biodegradeable brand only had two scents available, mango tangerine (too fruity) and french lavender. I have the french lavender biodegradeable cleanser cloths, but the interpretation of lavender in the dishwashing liquid was still too floral somehow. So I bought Sunlight in grapefruit scent, which was both on sale, a bonus 18% more (woohoo me!), and it smells very clean and bright. Interesting how one can have this much choice just for dish soap!

But the best part of being home has to have been my first night back home in my own bed, hearing the sounds I haven't heard in over three weeks like the white noise of traffic, the faded whistle of the freight train, and the giant SUV slowly roaring through my neighbourhood with the drunk guy yelling out the window, "DAAAAAVE! DAAAAAVE! WHAT HOUSE ARE YOU AT??? DAAAAAAVE!"

I got up, knocked the cat off the windowsill (YEOW!), and yelled, "SHUT THE F*CK UP AND GO HOME!!"

God I love Surrey.

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LOL too right.