Friday, August 31, 2007

More Things I Learned About Saskatchewan

1. Garage sales usually start on Fridays, on Thursdays if you're planning to go up to the lake for the weekend.

2. The sign "garage sale" does not necessarily mean that there is a garage.

3. As well, "farmer's market" does not necessarily mean that anyone there is a farmer.

4. The tractor is still stuck in the bog. The farmer who owns that field has threshed around it.

5. There are entire towns that do not have ATM machines.

6. There are about a zillion different varieties and interpretations of the genus "perogy".

7. All interpretations of perogies are yummy.

8. It takes about an hour to get anywhere with a good farmer's market and an ATM machine.

9. The Red Bull restaurant in Radisson has great perogies.

10. The best chinese food is in Cudworth.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Garage Sale and Farmer's Market have the exact same meanings here. Who needs a garage or a farmer if you wanna sell something, anyways? LOL