Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MISSING: Three Steers, call Farmer Geb at 1-306....

Yep, the cows got out again. They had made another escape before I got here so I haven't even seen them yet myself. Dad went out on Sunday to have a look for them and did find them not too far away. He was herding them along with the truck - I know, new millenium farmers - when they spotted a ditch with some long grass and decided to evade him in there.

This morning about a half hour ago one of the neighbours called to say they'd spotted the cows only a mile up the road and another part mile eastward, so Dad's headed off in the truck to see if he can lure them back home. He's thinking perhaps that cows weren't such a good idea. Maybe ducks and chickens next year instead. Yes, he's driving around in his "town slippers".

I have to explain the "town slippers" bit. Last year, Dad and I were out running errands when we stopped at his pharmacy and I realized he'd been wearing his slippers. "They're my town slippers," he said. The truth of the matter is that Dad has a) size 14 feet, which are difficult to find shoes for, even in Saskatchewan, and b) Dad has bad ankles and if they swell it makes shoes very uncomfortable to wear. So Dad goes around in his town slippers, and either nobody notices or out here nobody cares. I'm going with the latter.

If it makes it easier, he has a good pair for going to town in, and an everyday pair for herding cows in. :)

More farm news as it happens, I'm off to work on my textbook edits and find out if Dad's really making corn dogs for lunch.

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