Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UPDATE: Steers still missing, Farmer Geb calling off search

Not long after the last post Kathy came in and said my assistance was needed in the herding expedition. I was a bit concerned since I don't yet have gumboots - an essential in the manual herding process - but she said that was okay, I could just herd them in the car. The plan was to go back out and meet Dad (he's the one known as Farmer Geb), he would drive the tractor out to where they were, Kathy would sneak up behind them and get them back on the road, then Dad and I would drive alongside to make sure they didn't wander off on another road or head into another field.

This was all happening according to plan when some dipsh*t comes along and drives about 40 km/h up past the cows, spooking them enough to make them run back into the field, kitty cornering past me and Farmer Geb, and back into another field. We drove down in the car near them, and they wandered futher into the field, watching to see if we would really come in after them.

By this time Dad and Kathy have slogged through some boggy, marshy parts of the fields, got water and mud in their gumbies, and the tractor is now stuck in one of the boggy parts. Farmer Geb may have to resort to hiring a couple of real cowboys on horses to round up and return his wayward cattle - " 'Toopid cows!" - and get Lester (who may never sell him any more cows after this) to help pull the tractor out of the bog.

So yes, I have seen the cows, but from no closer than about 40 feet.

And no, we did not have corndogs for lunch.

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Dolores said...

Maybe you could make money running a place like this . . . ?


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