Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cows No Longer on the Lam, page A2

**Insert "Dragnet" theme here.**

Correctional officers at the Nestledown Road Bovine Correctional Facility are pleased to report that the cows are now back in custody. They were caught in a sting operation on the Wyatt Organic Correctional Farm where they were lured into a pen of other inmates and then segregated for transport back to the Nestledown Road institution. There were no outward signs that the escapees were upset about their remand, however security - in the form of barbed wire fencing - has been increased in the exercise area closest to the neighbouring grain bins, which have proved to be at risk for breach. Warden Farmer Geb indicated that patrols may be increased as well as more communication with neighbouring bovine correctional facilities. :)


Kristie said...

oh kelle! your stories are hilarious! I love this faux newsreport.. AWESOME... Glad to hear the cows are no longer on the lam!

Les said...

The original meaning of "When the cows come home"

So, which one is "Chuck Roast" and "Winston Porterhouse"?