Monday, September 22, 2008

Stuff teh internets taught me about me...

According to the personality tests found on Blogthings, I have learned the following things about myself. I am:

  • 68% goth
  • 24% sociopath - interesting
  • thai food - exotic and interesting, but people don't know why
  • chopsticks (what utensil are you) - simple yet exotic to some people
  • chai tea (what kind of tea are you?)
  • yoga (kind of exercise)
  • Sweden (what country are you?) - hockey doesn't make me Canadian?
  • a horrible 1930's wife - too outspoken & controversial
  • spaghetti with pesto (what kind of pasta)
  • arson (what crime would you be)
  • condiment: salsa!
  • slogan: "Between love and madness lies Kelle." - interesting
  • dance: ballet - duh
  • cereal: corn flakes - blah
  • disturbingly profound
  • total braniac
  • recipe for Kelle: 3 pts Passion, 2 pts Intensity, 1 pt Cleverness, splash of Enchantment
  • date style: sassy
  • a fiery redhead - duh!
  • what kind of breakfast food: eggs; grown-up and traditional
  • green tea Pocky
  • 76% healthy eater - that must be where the 24% sociopath comes in
  • an excellent cook - how do they figure that?
  • a tuna fish sandwich (what kind of sandwich are you)
  • fish (what kind of meat)
  • a Boston cream donut - no cinnamon sugar?
  • 7-Up (what kind of soda)
  • Jones' Holiday Smoked Salmon Pate soda - WTF??
  • mashed potatoes at the Thanksgiving dinner; it holds everything together
  • lemon meringue pie (what kind of dessert are you)
  • Bloody Mary (what kind of mixed drink)
  • cheese pizza (what kind of pizza)
  • cayenne pepper (what spice are you?)
  • a pistachio (what nut are you?)
  • a fudgesicle (what ice cream treat are you)
  • a banana (what fruit are you) - even though I hate bananas
  • chocolate shake (what shake flavour) - dramatic & sophisticated
  • salty personality; comfortable in male environments
  • strawberries and cream (what kind of dessert are you) - fresh, uncomplicated, with no facade
Thank goodness for the internet, I might not know who I am without it!!

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