Saturday, February 14, 2009

VD Day... it's about me!

I have a looooooong history of having a dislike for VD day. When I was a kid I loved the big books of die-cut Valentines you could get with the vintage designs and the fold-your-own envelopes. Then Valentines came pre-cut in boxes with Barbie, cartoon characters, and became marketing tools for Mattel, Hasbro, and the other toy companies. Transformer and G.I. Joe? They're not about romance! I guess I was disappointed with the commercialization of VD day at an early age.

It didn't get much better after I started dating, mostly because I was a late bloomer and didn't date until I was near my twenties, and rarely had a boyfriend when THE DAY would come around. A few times, but not often.

My last long-term, serious boyfriend, on our last Valentine's Day together, decided he wasn't feeling well, so instead of making dinner for me on his day off while I was at work all day, we went to the pub across the street. Yay.

So this year, my VD weekend will be about taking care of **me.** Stripping the bed tomorrow to air the pillows and feather bed, and putting away the winter blanket. Folding all the clothes on my bed and my chair and putting them all away, or at least in neat piles on the floor until the other blankets find space downstairs. Then heading to Starbucks at the bookstore to read the paper and knit either in a comfy chair or outside with a latte. Then the afternoon is shopping with my friend and her little girl and dinner out with them. I may even buy myself some yarn. Then I'll come home for a hot bath, maybe a facial, and sink into the aired-out feather bed & clean sheets.

Sunday is laundry day (I know, but I love doing the laundry), tidying up in my basement so I can find space for my Wii Fit board so I can start my yoga program and get some of my overflowing yarn & crafts under control. If it's sunny, the sheets and all my handknit socks are getting hung out on the line, and I will start looking at my herb planters to see what they need for the coming spring, maybe start some new herb seedlings in the workshops. In the evening I plan to re-do my red haircolour and my blonde chunks in front, and maybe get my mom to cut some layers in the back to take some of the bulk out of my hair, it's looking bigger than my ass these days.
Then I'll weave the ends in on the Bonsai Tunic I've been knitting and block it so that I can start wearing it before the weather warms up too much.

So basically, as long as I do what I want to do, I'll have a good VD day.


dcp said...

I LIKE your VD day!!!!!!!
Mine was spent feeling grumpy and dealing with a grumpy kid, eating leftovers that didn't agree with me, and dealing with a sinus infection that night. Ern had to stay up with a cranky baby until 2am while I tried to slip into an over-the-counter medication coma.
Next year I'm coming to YOUR house!!!

Jimbo said...

hay Kelle... did you know you won the button on my blog!!?? Please email me and give me an address where you'd like it sent.


Congratulations!! Hope you can post a picture of how you use the button.