Wednesday, February 10, 2010


If you've followed me over here from the Ravelry group Terminal City Yarn Wranglers' thread about Sushi in the lower mainland, thanks for coming by! If you've read my blog before - and perhaps wondered why I haven't posted since last VD day? Good question! Consider this the impetus to revamp my blog, which may or may not include a name change and perhaps even a venue change. Am I happy with Blogger? Or is it time to test out LiveJournal or Wordpress? Oh the choices!

Yoko Sushi & Noodle House at 16013 Fraser Highway in Surrey. We've been there often enough that all the servers recognize us, know what we want to drink, and that 9 times out of 10 we're going to get the sashimi box and that 10th time I'm going to do sashimi and maki a la carte, usually a rainbow roll.

I live in Cloverdale and am lucky to have four sushi restaurants nearby when only a few years ago there was just one, and it was at least a sign that Cloverdale was ready for raw fish. The first sushi restaurant was O.E.C. Japanese Restaurant at 5827 - 176 Street in Cloverdale, run by a Japanese family willing to be on Cloverdale's maturing tastes.

The location was initially perfect because 176 Street had a left-turn lane to take you south direct down 176 Street which is Cloverdale's "Main Street" as well as a northbound lane to merge with traffic coming up Pacific Highway from South Surrey & White Rock. However when they re-engineered the road accesses and blocked off that left turn lane to head south, but even more odd, they blocked the quickest access to Pacific Highway for our BC Ambulance Service station, located next door to the restaurant. At any rate, the traffic pattern change makes getting to the O.E.C. restaurant a bit more of an effort but hey, two wrongs don't make a right, so happily three lefts will still get you there. The restaurant had been closed for some time due to a family emergency in Japan, but thankfully it has re-opened and according to recent reviews on it's just as good as it was when they opened.

My favourite sushi place right now is the one closest to me, Umami Sushi at #205-17725 64 Avenue, in the Cloverdale Crossing complex (176 Street & 64 Avenue). It's a small place, a few tables, a nice counter, but I'm usually doing take-out. Great fresh fish, and real crab in the california roll, too.

I was at first sad that my Taco Del Mar closed, but perhaps it's a sign because sushi is so much healthier for me and sometimes easier to digest (Crohn's + refried beans = unstable tummy).

Then there's Nikko Sushi at 5676 - 176 Street, Tanuki Sushi at 17617 - 56 Avenue (aka Hwy #10), and Sashimi Sushi just down the street in the Clover Square Village complex. I haven't tried these ones yet, so I suspect a sushi tasting marathon might be in the works!

Thanks for stopping by, and if I do decide to jump ship or just spin off to another blog, there will be a link for future visitors to know what's goin' on. And if you check me out on Ravelry I'll post any new blogs there, too.

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